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User Experience Design Process

User Experience becomes a Key Success Factor

In the past, we focused mainly on building products that fulfilled the functional requirements of the user. User experience was often considered late in the development process. But today the customer demands more than just a working product. Providing the right features is still the prerequisite for a good product, but to turn it into something extraordinary you need to provide a good user experience!

Providing a rich user experience is not a thing of fortune. It needs to be planed, designed and integrated into the development of a product. Designing a rich user experience is not only about make up your user interface by some graphics and gradients - its a much broader concept. Its about creating an emotional connection between the user and your software. It makes the user feel good and so he likes to continue using the software.

New Tools for Designers

Microsoft recognized, give development teams the power to create rich user experiences it needs a lot more graphical tool support than VisualStudio can provide today. So they decided to create a new tool suite - made for designers.

This tool suite is called Microsoft Expression. It consists of the four products:

  • Expression Blend is built to create user interfaces in WPF and Silverlight. It builds the bridge between designer and developers. It can open VisualStudio solutions
  • Expression Design is a leightweight version of Adobe Illustrator to create and edit vector graphics.
  • Expression Media is built to encode, cut and enrich video files and optimize them for silverlight streaming
  • Expression Web is Microsoft next generation of HTML and Javascript editor. Its the replacement for Frontpage.

Together they are a powerful package. The following illustration shows a sample workflow of integrating a vector image that is created by a graphics designer in Adobe Illustrator into a WPF project that is part of a VisualStudio solution.

Development Workflow of a WPF Project

Developing a WPF application with a rich user experience requires a lot more skills than just a requirements analyst that defines a list of use cases and developer that implements the software. You have to find out what the user really needs. This can be done by following a user centered approach.

1. Elicit Requirements

Like in any kind of software projects its important to know and focus the target of your development. You should talk to stakeholders and users to find out the real needs. These needs should be refined to features and expressed in use cases (abstract) or user scenarios (illustrative). Priorize the tasks by risk and importance and work iteratively. This work is done by the role of the requirements engineer.

2. Create and Validate UI Prototype

Creating a user interface prototype is an important step to share ideas between users and engineers to create a common understanding of the interaction design. This task is typically done by an interaction designer. It's helpful to only sketch the user interface in a rough way to prevent early discussions about design details. There are multiple techniques and tools to do this. Some of them are:

  • Paper prototype
    Use paper and pencil to draw rough sketches of your user interface. No tools and infrastructure is needed. Everyone can just scribble thier ideas on the paper.
  • Wireframes
    Wireframes are often used to sketch the layout of a page. It's called wireframes because you just draw the outlines of controls and images. This can be done with tools like PowerPoint or Visio
  • Expression Blend 3 - Sketch Flow Sketch flow is a new cool feature to create interactive prototypes directly in WPF. You can use the integrated "wiggly style" to make it look sketchy. The prototype can be run in a standalone player that has an integrated feedback mechanism.
  • Interactive Prototype The most expensive and real approach is to create an (reusable) interactive prototype that works as the real application but with dummy data.
It is strongly recommended to test your UI prototype on real users. This helps you to find out and address design problems early in the development process. The following techniques are very popular to evaluate UI prototypes:
  • Walktrough
    A walktrough is usually done early in a project with wireframes or paper prototypes. The user gets a task to solve and he controlls the prototype by touching on the paper. The test leader than presents a new paper showing the state after the interaction.
  • Usability Lab
    To do a usability lab, you need a computer with a screen capture software and a camera. The proband gets an task to do and the requirements and interaction engineer watch him doing this. They should not talk to him to find out where he gets stuck and why.

3. Implement Business Logic and Raw User Interface

4. Integrate Graphical Design

5. Test software


Buliding a modern user interface with a rich user experience requires additional skills from your development team. These skills are described as roles that can be distributed among peoples in your development team.

  • Developer
    The developer is responsible to implement the functionality of the application. He creates the data model, implements the business logic and wires all up to a simple view.
  • Graphical Designer
    The graphical designer is responsible to create a graphical concept and build graphical assets like icons,logos, 3D models or color schemes. If the graphical designer is familiar with Microsoft Expression tools he directly creates styles and control templates.
  • Interaction Designer
    The interaction designer is responsible for the content and the flow of a user interface. He creates wireframes or UI sketches to share its ideas with the team or customer. He should validate his work by doing walktroughs or storyboards.
  • Integrator
    The integrator is the artist between the designer and the developer world. He takes the assets of the graphical designer and integrates them into the raw user interface of the developer. This role needs a rare set of skills and so it's often hard to find the right person for it.

More Infos

The New Iteration - Microsoft Paper about the Designer/Developer collaboration

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Commented on 10.April 2009
"user experience was considered late or never" - i don't think so. not everywhere.
Christian Moser
Commented on 10.April 2009
Hi Trevor. You are right. That sentence was a bit provocative. I changed it to "User experience was something that was often considered late in the development process". :-)
Commented on 23.April 2009
This website is the great place to start learning WPF for me. Good job. Thanks a lot.
Commented on 27.April 2009
Thanks...this website is a great resource. I also love the website design, layout, theme, etc. Is it custom or based on an open framework?
Commented on 28.April 2009
Hi Chris I like your site so much "thumps up". I'm a web/graphic designer with no programing or developing experience and I'm trying to learn WPF coz I'm impressed with it's capabilities and the demos I saw but as a designers most of the resources I found is talking to developers and I really want to learn this am I supposed to learn developing in order to make the complete app. UI work as I want it to? or blend is enough ?I became a little bit familiar with it but when the things get complicated what I'm gonna do I don't wanna just to create a video player UI I need to deal with data grids, dock panels,ribbon, menus and so on not just a couple of rectangles which on a button click will move I know it's a very long comment but I need help badly
Christian Moser
Commented on 28.April 2009
Hi Callon,

it's all custom design, based on PHP. The libraries and tools I use are:

Adobe Photoshop CS3 - for the cool glassy look
Ultra Edit - to write and upload the PHP and HTML stuff
GESHI - for Syntax Highlighting
SMARTY Templates - for seperation of design and logic
MicroAkismet - to filter out spam
Smartmenu - for the navigation
AddThis - to share good articles

Christian Moser
Commented on 28.April 2009
Hi Safi,

Expression Blend is basically a XAML tool. This means all you can express in XAML can be done graphically in Blend. If the interactions are more complex, you need developer know-how (and probably VisualStudio) to realize them.

Interactions you can do in XAML:
- Bind Properties of elements together
- Create Styles and Control Templates with triggers (like mouse-over effects)
- Create and run animations
- Use existing converters to do more complex bindings
- Use existing behaviors (who can be very powerful)
- Read XML DataSources
- Download Images or Videos from the Web
- Wireup Keystrokes and Commands

Interactions that can hardly be done in XAML:
- Load and store data from and into a backend system
- Define business rules
- Do mathematical calculations
- ...

I hope this helps you to see the boundaries.
Commented on 19.May 2009
sounds like i already covered two and half roles: developer (half), graphic designer and Interation designer.

really love Blend in 3d. very powerful in resource library. workflow is clear my mind. Thanks
Commented on 12.June 2009
real good.
Kapil Karkele
Commented on 15.June 2009
Nice comment about how UI should be
"Its about creating an emotional connection between the user and your software."
Commented on 8.July 2009
Very helpful!
but why the step 3,4,5 so simple?
I think there is really a lot to explain here about wpf...
btw,I really like the sentence :Its about creating an emotional connection between the user and your software....
Commented on 28.July 2009
great resources! not to nit pick, there is a small typo on this page: "togehter"
Commented on 4.August 2009
I am touched by this comment "Its about creating an emotional connection between the user and your software". Would use this comment for my upcomming interview
Commented on 10.August 2009
Thanks for this wonderful site. I did not want to read books like WPF unleashed to understand the power and usage of WPF. This tutorial gets straight to it and is easy to understand.
Commented on 12.August 2009
Good tutorial -- would look even more professional if the author took the time to proofread his words and fix the numerous typos...
Commented on 17.August 2009
The way I’d often heard the opening outdated development reasoning expressed was, “First, make it work. Then, make it look good.”
Commented on 17.August 2009
Ooops! Please delete duplicate (Google Chrome 3 apparently resubmitted my comment blindly when I attempted to change Encoding to fix the display of my attempt at ANSI punctuation!).

Testing true Unicode: “I’m in quotes!”
Testing ANSI: “I’m in quotes!”
Commented on 17.August 2009
Christian, you appear to have a mismatch between the Encoding system specified in your Web page (Unicode UTF-8) and that specified in your blogging system comments handling and/or its back-end database (not sure what it is, but it apparently isn't UTF-8).

Everything in the chain should use the same encoding, preferably UTF-8.
Commented on 26.August 2009
Great job, christian. Keep it up.
Ajay Topinamath
Commented on 27.August 2009
Surprisingly excellent!!
Commented on 4.September 2009
Mr Moser's!! if you clearly explain the concepts with examples then it will really make us go in a virtual world.. provide some real life examples for explaining concepts...
Commented on 7.September 2009
its really a nice work...amazing
bharat reddy
Commented on 7.October 2009
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Commented on 15.October 2009
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Igor Jovanovski
Commented on 4.November 2009
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Commented on 12.November 2009
Hey! Nice Articles! I'm a developer and find Blend good to play around!
Commented on 20.November 2009
Hi chris,
Your article very benefit and useful for me , I enjoy it and found the approach of WPF development Project in this. Thanks a lot :-)
Commented on 8.December 2009
Cool sets of articles but you have couple of spelling mistakes.. :|
ashraf fawzy
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It's not enough.
Commented on 28.December 2009
Test step - does WPF include any infrastructure for testing? From experience, developing and maintaining a UI application is extremely difficult without an easy way to automate UI testing.
Commented on 4.January 2010
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Commented on 5.January 2010
The problem with any UI centric design approach is that since the UI is the one component that they can see and interact with it is the component that has the most changes during the development life cycle. Customers (users) need to be aware that changes late in the dev cycle have implications and costs.
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Commented on 8.March 2010
Well done. Your examples are easy to read and easy to follow. Did you do your own English transaltion? If you did, I am amazed at your ability to be multilingual and a skilled developer.
Arfan Baig
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Kumar Raja
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simply informative
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Abhishek Mishra
Commented on 15.July 2010
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very good, simple, understandable and down-to-earth articles. person who already worked worked in .net web dev. for few month can understand it easily.
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Praveen Kumar
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Rahul Nandani
Commented on 18.August 2010
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Commented on 20.August 2010
HI i am working on wpf can you provide a wpf aplication example which using dependency property ??
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This is really very useful site ! thanks for posting valuable documentation.
Commented on 23.August 2010
wow you guys are really that impressed by mosers copy and pasting

(silly binders)
Commented on 31.August 2010
Good to learn basics
Commented on 31.August 2010
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Commented on 8.April 2011
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Commented on 8.April 2011
You need to use a spellchecker.
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Commented on 25.April 2011
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Darshan S....
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